ARPA Notice Of Funding Availability – City Of Kalamazoo Summer Program Fund

KYD Network serves as the intermediary organization for Kalamazoo County’s Out-of-School Time (OST) sector.


Yulonda Taylor


Eastside Arts and Science Experiential Learning (EASEL)

This high-quality program focuses on three concentration areas: Math, Science, and Art. A master science and math educator leads a carefully designed curriculum that encourages and inspires youth to be involved in science, math, and art. In addition, EASEL has two knowledgeable support staff so that participants receive one-on-one interaction as needed. EASEL students are able to do hands-on projects and go on some amazing, memorable trips.

EASEL selects potential candidates who want to improve their learning and confidence in the three concentration areas. Students who are selected must be able to commit to the entire summer program in order to maximize the learning opportunity.

Program Starts


Focus Area(s)

STEAM, Art, Music, Dance

Meals Served

Lunch, Afternoon Snack

Program Ends


Days and Times

Monday – Thursday 10am – 3pm

Grade Level(s)

Elementary, Middle School