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KYD Network serves as the intermediary organization for Kalamazoo County’s Out-of-School Time (OST) sector.

Parent Engagement Affinity Group Charter

Parent Engagement Affinity Group

January 20, 2015


The out-of-school time (OST) sector will authentically engage with parents and caregivers to develop their leadership skills to support their child’s social emotional development and school success.


  1. Authentic parent engagement…
  2. Centers around the success of the child/youth. Parents/caregivers and OST staff are focused on common goals (support of child’s social emotional skills and school success).
  3. Recognizes and validates parents’ expertise as child’s first teacher.
  4. Leaves judgment at the door.
  5. Understands and honors the culture of all families.
  6. Requires intentional action oriented related to youth success.

Supports Needed

  1. OST
    1. Cultural competence training for all OST providers.
    2. Knowledge of community supports to share with parents.
    3. How to “leave judgment at the door.”
    4. How to share data with parents and schools.
    5. Vehicle for sharing parent engagement best practices (among OST and between schools and OST).
    6. Funding for parent engagement work.
    7. How to create youth-centered goals that incorporate parent input.
  1. Parents
    1. Skills, knowledge, tools to be authentic partners.
    2. Belief in their leadership abilities.
    3. Information on supports available in community.
    4. Opportunities to engage with OST sector during times that are convenient and with supports necessary (child care, transportation).

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